October 22, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Presented by ASBAS Digital Solutions | RDA Brisbane


It is imperative that businesses understand how Google Ads works before they invest time and money into this method of digital marketing. If you are a business that has be burned by Google Ads before, don’t lose faith, Google Ads works! You just need to take control! Don’t assume that Google will do it for you – they are happy to take your money, and keep taking it. The trick is to play the game the smart way. Come along and learn how the experts do it. Key Outcomes:

(A) Needs of the moment – Understanding how to reach customers,

(B) Breakdown of how Google Ads works,

(C) How to find the best keywords for your business

(D) How much should I be paying for Google Ads?,

(E) Best practice for Google Ads campaigns,

(F) Best practice: Landing pages & Google Ads – Why SEO & Google Ads work together,

(G) Making sense of Google Ads reports